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Looking to Purchase or Refinance a Rental Property?

1st Florida Lending Corp offers a wide variety of No Income Verification Loans for our rental loan programs which provide investors of all experience levels the ability to purchase, refinance, or cash-out single-family rental properties. Designed with the flexibility to fit your investment needs, our No Income Verification Loans for rental programs are available for portfolios of properties down to a single property loan. Apply today to explore the options that are perfect for you.

At 1st Florida Lending Corp we offer over  48 loan programs  four 4 of which are rental investment property purchase / refinance options including no income or employment verification providing the best financing solutions for real estate investors as they pursue their real estate investing goals

Program Highlights 

  • No Income or Employed Verification

  • Self-Employed

  • Full Documentation (tax returns)

  • Stated Income (no income or employment verification)

Let us know what you need. We offer very rates with just the right terms with fast closing timelines to pay off an over-due note or to complete a purchase with a fast approaching deadline!  The average closing timeline for our No Income Verification Loan is between 25 to 35 days

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